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Copart said it was a premium sport model. It's was a base model. I called the next business day and informed them. Over the next 3 weeks, nothing happened and they want to hit me with a realist fee. They finally replied... carfax said it was. I sent them the mfg brochure that said what options are on those models. They then said we need something from a dealer on that VIN. I said if it doesn't have a sunroof it's neither! I then said ,... Read more

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i have over 50 years in the auto salvage/Rebuilders business. i have only been with copart for 4 years. THE WORST 4 YEARS IN THE BUSINESS. Copart has pleasant people who cant do anything when there is a problem and if you ask for a supervisor you are told they cant talk to you and they dont talk on the phone. If you are looking for a total runaround on any thing you do with this company just register. Cost you $200 To register but WAIT!... Read more

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Buyer beware If you buy a car that was previously owned Buy a insurance company, specifically Nationwide insurance, probably others ,they will not give you an accident report. Some states, like NewJersey, may require them to title the car. No report, no title hope you bought it for parts!!!!!!!## Add comment

This auction has so many hidden fees and their staff is always unprofessional. When started my account with them the staff that attended me did not put my license information. i kept getting charged for things that i shouldn't be charged. The staff lacks communication skills. WILL NOT CONTINUE WORKING WITH SUCH UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY. Their fees are not worth the trouble they make you go thru. When trying to obtain a title each time is a... Read more

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The Newburgh New York location deliberately failed to put information about the poor mechanical condition of my lot to up the sales price Add comment

the fees are super high, and vehicles advertise as run and drive do not run sometimes. I bought a vehicle at the Los Angeles Copart,, vehicle was advertised as run and drive and I am going to spend around $1000 before it runs and drives. Read more

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I'm doing a Kars-4-Kids donation and Copart (the contracted towing & auction company) has got to be THE WORST customer service entity in the Bay Area. I just wanted to schedule a 4-hour window for pickup (as opposed to 8), easy right? Not with Copart. Wow even Comcast is more accommodating. If Copart can't do the requested 4-Hr window today, I'll give the car to someone else. Goodbye Copart: Never again! Read more

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Bought 2006 pontiac gto 61153 miles it had a core dummy junk engine no six speed transmission but shifter bolted up from bottom to look like it had the right transmission Hayward Copart deceivers deception greedy ripoff they put battery in it and left electronics so it would show 61153 miles no morals there they said as is Title shows AAA insurance they said tough *** too paid 6000 for a 2000 to 2500 parts car I am telling everyone i know to... Read more

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We drove one hour to pick up a car. When we got there very casual they said "we have the paper work, the car is at a different location". This location is about an hour and twenty minutes away. Does anybody at copart has a bit of common sense. As a trucker your time is valuable and they should know that we are part of their success. A bit of consideration would be really appreciated. Add comment

After Copart picked up my totaled car, the transponder, which had been left in the car after every the accident, from ezpass was used by someone and charged to the credit card on file. Mine. They deny any responsibility. They can provide no information on the car after it was picked up by them, refuse to say who the car was sold to, and won't cooperate in finding who used the transponder in a fraudulent manner. They would not even pass me on to... Read more

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