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They ran into my mint condition R350 ready to auction. Fixed it with spay paint. Towed to my office and told me to x off. My car is with nothing they will not return calls at all. Add comment

I bought a rebuild in KY, the truck was sold out of Davenport Iowa, when I received the title it says not actual mileage, when I contacted coparts for a odometer disclosure I was told there was nothing coparts could or would do to help, every photo on coparts web site stated the mileage to be actual, now I am stuck with a truck that say not actual mileage, coparts was no help at all and didn't... Read more

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so i checked this truck they had on line listed as no mechanical issues and one small scuff on the pass side quarter panel. i looked at all the pics. the truck was truly in great shape, low miles . so i bought it and had it shipped to my house. when the truck arrived... it was dented up all over the bed and the doors , the interior was vandalized and the engine had not oil and was knocking also a... Read more

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I read another complaint similar to mine on here. I bid an item that was a pure sale item. I was high bidder and for some reason copart pulls the items about an hour before its suppose to close and restarts the same auction with 36 days and still pure sale. Appears if they don't get price they want even in pure sale they cancel the auction. Pure is no reserve no minimum bid. I called copart... Read more

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I was high bidder on a 05 harley that was listed as pure sale 4 times in a row. Each time the unit was pulled and rescheduled. Now it is listed as minimum bid. Why was the unit pulled from each of the sales I bid on it? I made legitimate bids on this same unit several times. It was listed as a pure sale. Copart pulled the unit from the sale each time I was the high bidder. Why was the unit pulled... Read more

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The office woman at the copart Davenport Iowa location tells me I am not allowed to bid or inspect. I have been bidding and buying from copart for over 25 years and have been to copart yards all over the country - including davenport. She also informs me she has the ability to remember EVERY person she has been in contact with for the past 8 years. She refuses to call home office , so I do - 10... Read more

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I bought an suv in Utah Copart it said Runs and Drive. It didn't. They wouldn't give me even credit for it, and couldn't return. FBI should get on this company crooks! !!!! Add comment

I bought two cars in a 30 day period from Copart in West Palm Beach, Florida. Turns out one of the cars didnt have air bags. Once I found that out I checked the second car. That one had junk filled air bags which is a felony and against Federal laws. I informed Copart and their lawyers in Coperate in Texas and they claim they are above Federal Law. They are putting the cart before the horse.... Read more

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Copart states that if you purchase a vechile that isnt as described(run&drive)(engine starts) or misrepresented you the purchaser can turn down the vechicle. Blatant Lie, they will come up with a newly implemented rule for every complaint you have. Buyers Beware Yard 63 in Lebanon TN will shaft you. The best way to protect yourself is to simply stop purchasing from them. I also suspect they... Read more

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copart auto auction, is turning out to be a rip off. copart auto auction bids on their own cars in order to jack up the price. Is that legal? I have seen many cars that has been sold as pure sale, but before you know it, its back in next weeks auction and i know its not because of people not picking them up. Copart employees has told me that now they have special people or department that makes... Read more

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