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I purchased the car and they offered 3 days to make the payment and 3 days to collect the car from the auction or I will face charges. I have tried to reach Copart through all channels even the shipment company I have assigned they are struggling to have the documents.

We have completed one month and this request hasn't been processed yet, all documents must have been ready from the day Copart received the payment. The broker & Copart have secured the amount from my side and unfortunately offered the worst service ever afterward. This is the first time I order through an auction by Copart and it will be the last time. I'll never recommend this to anyone.

Their excuses are not acceptable at all under all circumstances such as the managers are not available, pressure on workload, or for some reason they are not answering phone calls.

there should be an immediate response from the team otherwise please dont accept any requests from customers if the company is not qualified just shut it down. I would like to raise this to the HQ and complain as I don't believe they are aware of the situation of this branch I'm talking about and level of customer service they are offering.

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send a complaint to :, someone at the top will have to answer you. Send you complaint to your state lemon Law compliance & investigations, someone will and should look at your complaint.

Also, send a complaint to the BBB, someone there will and should look at it.

the more awareness that we bring, the more we can expose these clowns and thieves for false advertising. How about also the Federal Trade Commission?

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