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I bought two cars in a 30 day period from Copart in West Palm Beach, Florida. Turns out one of the cars didnt have air bags. Once I found that out I checked the second car. That one had junk filled air bags which is a felony and against Federal laws.

I informed Copart and their lawyers in Coperate in Texas and they claim they are above Federal Law. They are putting the cart before the horse.

Lives are in danger because of Copart, and Michael Nunns underhanded actions. Poeple are driving around rite now not knowing once they crash they are most likely going to die,

Cars are not built like the old days. Now cars are built with break points. Meaning when a car gets hit in the front, the damage will go to the break point and snap. However, without the airbags the break points will cause death due to the fact that there isnt anything to stop the occupants of the car from being crushed.

If you bought a car from these crooks call the FBI at once if you find you do not have airbags.

Michael Nunn and Copart need to be stopped.

Product or Service Mentioned: Copart Auto Auction Manager.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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