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I bought a Vehicle from Copart Los Angeles on 7/30/18 and i received on 7/31/18, Bider: XXXXXX, lot: 39542638, i made an offer for $13,800 plus the fees so i paid 14,800. The car says Runs and Drives. Also i bought the CarFax onde day before the auction ends 7/29/18, And the Carfax shows NO AIRBAG DEPLOYED.

Now, When i received the car on 7/31/18 i notice that the car does not run and drive (Copart says run and drive if the car moves 3ft back and 3ft forward) the radiator was broken, the fan was hitting in the cover, the battery is dead, The steering knuckle on right side was bended, i am thinking that the rack and pinion is bad also, not sure yet until i can drive it more than 3 ft, so no way it was drivable at all.

Then the pictures in copart's website did not show broken headlights, if you see the pictures the headlights looks great, but in real life when i opened the hood the headlights were broken, they can't be used, they need to be replaced. The front Frame is glued, YES GLUED with some type of RTV, not even solder, glued, missing a lot of parts inside of the hood, it's like if you go to a store and you buy a box of cereal, the box looks really nice and clean but in the inside it's half of cereal and half of roaches, would you keep it?

All the 10 pictures taken are set it up to show that the car does not have any problem so people think is in good condition and pay more for the car (Pictures did Not show the glued frame nor the broken lights, why?) That is called scam or Ripoff

And what it pised me off still more, was that the AIRBAGS WERE DEPLOYED and copart hide that defect, definitely hide it because they did not show it on pictures nor the light in the dashboard with the airbag light on, i wonder why they did not show the dashboard light? oh i know! because they want more money scamming people !!! that's why i bought the Carfax before, and that is a HUGE ILLEGAL ACTION as is Safety related also that is called scam or Ripoff.

Copart excuses, that if you buy from a broker copart is not responsible, but they are, because Copart takes the pictures, is a copart facility, they receive the money.

Copart also excuses telling you to hire an Inspector that charges you $100, can you imagine hire an inspector to check 3-5 or more cars? because the cars that he inspect are like the one i bought? are just a Rip off, Mickey Mouse, lipstick on a pig? that is a round business also from copart they mya get a cut from inspectors.

Copart is doing this (Fixing the cars, PUTTING LIPSTICK ON A PIG) because they find out that is more profitable cheating people so people pay more for a car that does not worth that. 4-5 years ago this problem was not so common,

This Copart scam has to stop, im not the only one with this problem and i know that is a lot of people that don't say anything

I do not buy cars for sell i bought them for me and the car you guys sold me does not worth what i pay. So i talk with my lawyer and you probably will receive a phone call from them and we will take this case to the court your terms and conditions does not excuse the ripoff of hiding safety concerns as the airbags.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $14800.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Dude you need to run your vin number on, your truck was what is known as doctored, your truck sold via IAAI on June 27th, 2018 Stock: 21935946 it's not copart, do your homework before bidding.


They are not a good quality business. They loss paperwork and does not follow up as you are suppose to.

My insurance used them to get my total loss car a 2012 Kia shortage. They claim they couldn't get in contact with the body shop so I called on 3 way right them and there. They go to pick it up the first time but didnt get it because he needed a bed to put it on since it was all wheel drive.

But he rights in his report the car is accessible but owner not present to give the money too. They along with assurance America should be fined heavily.

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