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Please take a moment to check out the attached photos. The first photo is what I bid on the second was the real car. They doctored it up, and I bought it after having seen this first photo only. It is the same car in both photos!

This car was a complete cover-up/fraud by Luxury Land Auto and Wrecking!

The car was taken apart and put back together to look pretty good, where in fact it had been glued, screwed, wired and pieced back together. You could not have known that it was all broken up underneath, even if it had been inspected. We did not know until it was taken apart. We had to take the fenders off to see where someone put a piece of metal in there to hold the headlight in. I had to buy all new parts because the fenders, front end and everything under the hood were all broken up.

By the way they stole the amp out of it too and buying this car was a investment for my cancer treatment. I have $45,000 into it now and that is more then one would cost out of the show room.

Please call me to make a settlement.

This letter was sent to the President of Copart and they refuse to even talk to me. I want a settlement!

Product or Service Mentioned: Copart Auto Auction Car Bidding.

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Everything was unrepairable except the hood which was bondoed up, the attaching points for the front cover were not even usable. The radiator was just hanging there.

The car was made to look like it was repaired. None of the parts were replaced. The shock was broken and someone cut off the top and welded it to the frame. The stabilizer link was broken, the inner tie rod was bent.

The fender wells were screwed together. The fan shroud was hanging.

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